Mike Evans Israel

Dr. Michael Evans: Standing with Israel

Best-selling author, journalist, Middle East analyst, commentator, evangelist, Christian Zionist, husband, father and grandfather, are among the titles and accomplishments of Dr. Mike Evans. A dedicated defender of Israel and advisor to former Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, Menachem Begin, he recommended Benjamin Netanyahu for his first administrative position. Mr. Netanyahu is currently serving a second term as Israel’s Prime Minister. As well, Mike Evans has covered numerous international events ranging from United Nations’ conferences to Middle East Peace talks.

Jerusalem Strong

Dr. Michal Evans has established a number of pro-Israel initiatives including the Jerusalem Prayer Team, of which he is president and formed with former Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert. In addition to uniting Zionists in prayer, worldwide, The Jerusalem Prayer Team focuses on providing aid to Israelis in need of clothing, food, and shelter. The organization of its kind, The JPT is active on global scale in nearly 200 countries.

Then, in April of 2015, the world witnessed the launching of The Mike Evans Museum, also known as the Friends of Zion Heritage Center. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, this multi-media exhibit serves as an honor and tribute to the Jewish people and the Righteous Gentiles who offered them a safe haven against Hitler’s Nazi regime. The ultra-modern displays are accessible in several languages and engage visitors from around the world.   .

Although Dr. Mike Evans has yet to achieve the ‘rock-star’ status of such evangelical greats as John Hagee or Pat Robertson, he maintains an active and formidable presence among Christian Zionists. Michael Evans currently holds the position of Executive Director of The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship. In 1993, he purchased the ten Boom estate, and after extensive renovations, it now houses a Holocaust museum, which honors the ten Boom family. This heroic family, save for Corrie ten Boom, lost their own lives due to their efforts to save the lives of over 800 Jews during the Holocaust.

The Connection

At the tender age of 11-years-old, Mike experienced “a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ,” after a brutal assault at the hands of his alcohol-crazed father— and left for dead. It was then that the Lord comforted and assured Mike that he was not alone, and that there was indeed, a definitive plan and purpose for his life. Evans is now able to draw parallels between his Jewish roots—born to non-observant Jewish mother—and the deep, irrevocable bond he feels with Israel and her people. This connection is his motivation for establishing his many pro-Israel ministries and rally to gain the support of others in his quest for peace in Israel.

Michael and his wife, Carolyn, are blessed with four children: Michelle, Shira, Rachel and Michael Jr., and nine grandchildren. Carolyn Evans is the administrator of the Christian Woman of the Year Association.